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server issues

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i mean by non working mods as if it was like a normal minecraft server, like the items are in the creative tabs, but when i go to place a block down it just disappears and doesnt work, also im typing in my ip and it just says 'can't reach server' dunno what to do :/


and yes i was using the server download from there :P

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Typing in your WAN (internet) IP will have that effect - what's happening there is you're trying to contact yourself through the internet, without going out to the internet (routers can be dicks, but in this case it's entirely intentional and useful behaviour that keeps LAN traffic safely in the LAN). or localhost are loopbacks which connect to your own computer without even reaching a network adapter (in theory), the 192.168.*.* networks and 10.0.0.* networks are commonly used for internal communication on LANs, and that's what you need to use if you have to use one, not your internet IP.


Think of it like trying to ring yourself on the phone you're using to call yourself (it's not a perfect analogy, but if the previous explanation doesn't make sense to you then that's close enough).  Both and localhost are exhibiting normal behaviour for that kind of connection (so those addresses are fine) but the server isn't set up or running correctly, try what Kalbintion suggests.

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localhost or, they're both the same place and both working (it's just a location to connect to and it's doing that - the problem isn't with that).


Like Kalbintion asked though, how are you actually running the server?  Which file are you using?

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