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forestry helps

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so i was making a tree farm through the use of forestry.

i am powering my arboreduim with 2 electrical engines through teleport pipes (and a quarry on a differnt freq)

the engines are running fine and power is going though the pipes

humas and saplings are stocked

and the teleport freq are true/false were they need to be

but the arboritum won't lay down the initial humas

any suggestion/ideas as to why this is happening/ what is going on?

oh and here is a pic...if it helps


oh and here is a picture if it helps :)

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probably is a conflict with the power, it'd be better to just make different power hubs for each process rather than having them all on the same one. Maybe have two energy storage devices just after the panels and have each one power an engine that'll power a separate device.

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BloodravenD is right, electric engines suck ass on conductive pipes powering forestry stuff. 3 engines on conductive pipes on a rubber tree farm barely runs them all sporadically, attach them directly to the machines and they work like a champ.

Also, a pic of the actual farm instead of the power setup would be more useful, there could be something completely different wrong.

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