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Best Yellorium reactor design


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Excellent.  Total glass case it is! :)


Going to have to sort out my coolant then.  The 4 blocks leave air gaps in the corners that I will have to deal with.  I assume the best strategy with ender is to place a complete layer across the top of the reactor?  Cryo would require a source block in every space?


Does the reactor/turbine have a limit to its output or is it infinite RF/t?

The glass has purely cosmetic value, and it increases the building cost a little. Since 0.3, you only get one block of Reactor Glass for each block of Reactor Casing - it used to be more than that.


A Yellorium Reactor makes no distinction between source and flowing liquid blocks. So Cryotheum is actually the only liquid requiring a complete source-block fill, because it will not stay put once placed. All other liquids are fine with a top-layer fill only.


I think that the Power Tap has no limits, but Redstone Conduits peak out at 10k RF/t, so that will probably be your limit for a while. Extra Utilities has stuff that can take more, but remember that Resonant Energy Cells also have the 10k RF/t limit per side, so anything higher will require a bit of planning.

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