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Weird Mystcraft Texture


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Oh. that's "Ender star field".  There is a symbol tied to it, but it sometimes appears randomly if no symbol is specified for the stars.  It will over ride the daytime sky as well as the night time.


with it being green and black, that just means it has the green color modifier applied to it.

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How would you explain the random spots that have the normal sky texture?

I also put in the normal sky color modifier in my mystcraft age, so does that mean it would still be green?

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it means you're seeing the ender star field even during the day, the star field covers the sky so you normally would not see the sky.  The shy color has no effect on the color of the ender star field.  The reason you see the normal sky sometimes is a graphical glitch similar to the one that allows you to sometimes see through the ground.  this is due to the normal sky still being rendered behind the ender star field.


so, saying the ender star field replaces the sky is not really true.  it only covers the sky.  the normal sky is still there behind it.

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