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Problems with Project Red Pipes


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I have a sorting system like Bdubs, Generik, and Chimney, but now every time when I try to request items from the routed interface pipe it shows the number decreasing the quantity I asked but I'll wait five minutes and nothing will happen. Then, if I re-open the world the number of items goes back up like I never requested anything. I have all of the chips installed and some are fully upgraded but I know it has nothing to do with the upgrades. Please help because whenever I look for items now I have to go down to my storage room and search through all my "danger zone" chests.

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Routed Interjection Pipes can be replaced with any pipe crafted from them as theyll act like a routed interjection pipe. Meaning a routed interface pipe would act the same way. The only thing that doesn't take the properties of the interface pipes is the normal pipe itself.

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