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  1. Dat first post-.... just yes! IGN- SmithJAP First Name- Phoenix Skpe- blenderenthusiast Age- 15 I want join this server because of the fact that I have been on so many large obnoxious servers with admins who dont care about your probelms and scammers/griefers who want to ruin your stuff for the fun of it. And having large servers crash on me all the time. Your server sounds like just what I have been looking for. Mainly in AOTBT I am a crazy machine user/builder who loves sorting systems mainly for cheese products (whoops) and Tico. I would really like to be included in t
  2. I can tget them toput there contents in a chest so I end up losing there stuff :3
  3. I'm just lazy, as stated before. Id rather make the machine than do the work.
  4. Interesting... I guess that could be true. But honestly lava is my early game power so without a pump, ans only a tank from TE it's pretty sad. Thats another thing about Extra UTils for a few pieces of iron you can hold 256 buckets. TE's most expensive tank only holds 64 so.... But to each there on. I guess I'm just lazy and like automation a bit to much. Also the quarry form extra utilities is super helpful. Sorry I feel like a walking ad for that mod now.
  5. Maybe try the old.leveldat? Just an idea...
  6. Yep. I have 3 blaze spawners making blaze rods that I could be using for lava, but I prefer the extra utilities ender thermic pump. For one I can get 500 mb of lava in a matter of minutes with two tanks. And its painless on my energy system. But true you dont *need* a pump. But it sure is helpful.
  7. If you want the xp why not use a grinder outputting mob essence to an OB faucet to convert it to liquid xp?
  8. Yep, I thought the same thing with my emerald upgraded potato farm Its pretty sick the amount of crops you get form one planter and harvester though.
  9. Personally I love extra utilities... And iron chests. They are both pretty small but helpful. Of course the tanks hold 256 buckets as opposed to 64 for enderium tanks so... Says something about TE tanks though...
  10. I believe that you can use a compression dynamo with mob esscence and an aqueous accumulator (fuel and coolant) Blaze rods to lava to magmatic dynamo is pretty good. Solar panels from galacticraft are a bit cheaty depening on how they are configured but configured correctly can give you okay energy. A tree farm < charcoal + a couple steam dynamos is okay. I personally added in extra utilities and just use the nether generator. It fills two resonant energy cells (the biggest) with one star. lolz
  11. I have Iron chests added, and I did a few tests with the request pipes and it seems to work. Does anyone know for sure?
  12. I have a pretty effective blaze/witch farm (Three spawners of each) hooked up to a grinder. The problem (if you could call it that) is I have way to much mob essence. Two ender tanks, two hardened tanks, a bunch of open blocks, and two drums from extra utilities. What do I do with it (besides spawning and farming wither skeletons and fighting the wither a bunch. I know that you can turn it into liquid xp, but what do you do with that? Can you use it as fuel for a dyanmo? Thanks!
  13. I cant use it either, or smelt it...
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