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engine wrong direction


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Hi , I am a newbie on minecraft  and just try to build the pulverizer and make it work. Now I face the problem is no matter I use redstone engine or stirling engine, both of them is face up and not attached to the pulverizer, I search the help on internet and some said it can use wrench to change the direction, but I didn't know how to do it.


Anybody can help me ?


engine wrong direction'' target='_blank'>engine wrong direction>engine wrong direction



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You can and should make a Crescent Hammer, which is the Thermal Expansion wrench and can be used to rotate machines and do many other useful things.

However, your problem here is the engines. You are using outdated ones that only produce Minecraft Joules (MJ), when you need Redstone Flux (RF). The engines you need are called dynamos, starting with the Steam Dynamo for solid fuels. Note that even that simple one needs a water supply to run - just right-click it with a water bucket to get going.

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you can also connect your pulverizer with energy conduits to your energy grid (I would still recommend dynamos, as they don't explode...)


lowest level on the conduits is lead, that transports 80 RF/t per connection so it is enough to power your pulveriser and most early game machines.

Also you can convert these to hardened conduits later in game which transport 400 RF/t per connection...

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As rogueclon said, you can only change direction of a block if there is another valid orientation for it to change to. In case of engines, you usually only have one power recipient attached, so they will automatically turn towards that. Only if you placed the power recipient after the engine, it might take a whack with the wrench to snap the engine towards it.

The Crescent Hammer is mostly used to wrench pipes and rotate machines and energy cells - and of course remove all kinds of machine blocks by sneak-clicking. Engines should be place-and-forget items anyway, once you automated their supply lines.

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