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Server : Guns can destroy glass in safe zone


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I've opened a Attack of B-Team server, i installed the MCPC + and the plugin Factions, i set the safe zone but the players with the guns (M40A3, M4, AK47 etc.) can destroy the glass in the safe zone, how can i change it ?



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that's what I love and hate about factions. it dosnt fully protect. and the options to tweak it adjust it or limited.


the safezone works well for preventing damge to players seems like.. from the guns. but not greif.


I would sugjest using worldguard. ontop of safezone.


or if your familiar enoght with towny, you could use towny. set towny so that : /townyworld claimable is off.

and /townyworld using towny is on. that way, its an admin only perk. default players cant use it to claim over faction land. but you can use it to protect your land admin land better.

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