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Cool Ideas for Future Updates

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One of my ideas is an increase to the amount of blocks that can be used for an Archimedes Ship.  I was working on an amazing Seperatist battleship from Star Wars, but I have gone over the maximum amount of blocks usable for a ship. :(

Or just change this value in ArchimedesShipsMod.cfg

# The maximum amount of blocks that a mobile ship chunk may contain.
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Changing the value to be higher can cause instability in the ship, the game, and a lot of other things. Make sure you do not increase that value to stupidly high values as it will crash the game. The mod itself isn't intended to be using millions and millions of blocks. Also keep in mind that some blocks (carpenters, microblocks, etc) will simply fail and can crash the game due to them being a part of the ship. The mod cannot store these types of complex blocks when it becomes an entity.

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For the mod to permit carpenters blocks, etc, would require a massive overhaul of the mod itself as it wasn't initially set-up to incorporate such block structures. If you really want support for them, bug the mod author. As for a text editor, I prefer vim, but there are other options out there like Brackets, or TextMate 2

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