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Messed up big reactors?

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true...  and you can pulverize uranium 235 too get yellorium dust.  Which can then be run through a furnace to get yellorium bars.  kinda odd how that works, but heh, ore dictionary was made that way to make it easier.


yellorite --> pulverizer = yellorium dust x2

yellorite --> furnace = uranium 235

uranium 235 ---> pulverizer = yellorium dust x2

yellorite + sand --> induction smelter = yellorium bar x2

yellorium dust --> furnace = yellorium bar


any way you do it, you still get 2 bars of yellorium.

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An artifact of having two independent nuclear power mods in Tekkit. The others already gave you the recipes, but you should note that while just about anything will work in a Big Reactor, the Atomic Science stuff is more picky about such details.

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