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Traps to Kill bats

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Hello community this is my first post, due to the hostile nature of this mod i have had to design my base into a dungion full of hostile exotic animals, harsh rapid changing enviroments, and the most deadly trolling of traps. unfortunatly i have had to make many architectural sacrifices because everyone flys around as a bat on the server. my hard counter to this has been rapid changing enviroments forcing one to change or die. my plight has been that normal conventional traps do not work effectivly against flyings bats so i mainly use top down lava(poison,wither,resonant ender, etc), mobs, and crushing mechanisims.

I was wondering if anyone in the community would be willing to share an idea or a an example of how they have effectivly delt with this issue.

I realize traps are a personal thing and educating the community about them hinders their effectiveness. so i thank you greatly for the reply in advance for putting your projects at risk by particapating.

So tell us, how do you deal with bats?

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Entity detectors and lava traps are usually the best bet against them. That or ways to flood areas of the building with water where theyll drown before getting out of it. Water could be changed to use any of the wither/poison/etc liquids found in the world. Or if you're into witchery, you can set-up something Chimney did with his trap where it would teleport a given person taglock to a location, this would be a bit harder to automate (as you would have to see who it is thats coming as well as have their taglock) but would be more effective as you could just send them to the nether.

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