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  1. Update: I tried using the new dropbox link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/yxslrjcmz7z4rze/TheSwampStrikesBack1.0.1.zip?dl=1 Also, it opens up in just plain Vanilla now.
  2. Recently, I tried to update my modpack by adding 1 mod, a minimap mod. My modpack was all fine and dandy before I updated it. I haven't updated it since 115+ days ago. Now, as soon as the update was supposedly setup, my modpack just does not work. Ironically, the Technic servers went down as well meaning I could not fix this until now (since it obviously is up). When I start Minecraft with my later version (the one before the update that is was working perfectly fine) it loads the three default mods which are by forge, as if the modpack never really downloaded but forge did. I know the link is
  3. It works now I really want to thank you for your patience and time you put in to help me! It is greatly appreciated!
  4. I unchecked the box. I tried it myself and it didn't work.
  5. Still isn't working I went and downloaded the LATEST 1.6.4 forge universal file and renamed it modpack.jar and put it into bin, selected all the files and compressed it and named it "SwampStrikesBack1.0.0.zip" and got the direct download link.
  6. Okay so I just uploaded the new file to dropbox, got the direct link and then edited the link via the dashboard. It still opens in Vanilla.
  7. Thanks for the name suggestion However I do still have a major question: is it fine the way I have it? The way I explained in my last post. I am new to this type of modding.
  8. Okay so I still need help. @plowmanplow Basically I delete all the client related items such as assets, crash-reports, All the forge logs and stuff, any types of logs, launcher.jar, launcher.pack.lzma, libraries, options.txt, versions, stars, saves and resource packs. But I should grab the forge.jar file from the versions and rename it "modpack.jar" and place it within the bin folder. Then I should name the folder "modpack" and then zip it correct? It will be "modpack.zip" when I upload it correct? Is that how it should be done?
  9. http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/the-swamp-strikes-back
  10. So I am currently trying to create a modpack. I have put all the mods into my mods folder, (including coremods) and I tested it and it works perfectly in-game. However when I upload it to dropbox, give it the direct link into the direct link thing when asking where the custom.zip is and then try to load it in technic, it loads in Vanilla. Here are my questions. Do I need to create a coremods folder? (I don't think I need to because it dosent automatically generate a folder like it used to) Does the file need to be named "custom.zip" or what does it need to be named? When i zipped the folder by
  11. What version are you using? And are you on a server as well as did you edit the config at all?
  12. @Turgle I have tried it in more then 2 versions and both of which ChimenySwift was playing in with the Demon Safari Net.
  13. So I am trying to catch a demon in a safari net but it is not enabling me to do so. I have seen ChimenySwift11 have a demon in a reusable safari net which I have many of those but when I try to capture one, it does not seem to work. I have tried naming them, using witchery charms to capture and using the launcher. None of those solutions have worked. I know it is possible. How do I do so?
  14. @DrakeEldrige No need to post I fixed the issue.
  15. The reason I did all that copying is because I host my server on a actual host site with Multicraft. So I couldn't do it the other way.
  16. If your not willing to make all those machines you can just use an arthana on bats to get a extra chance for wool of bat.
  17. What host are you using? If Multicraft, select the "Custom jar" option where the select jar file is. Then rename the MCPC jar to "custom.jar" and upload it to your main directory where your worlds are located. If you are using your own computer, then go to the "start.cmd" or "start" or "start.command" and open it with a text editing software. If on Mac, TextEdit. Windows, NotePad++ or NotePad is what I recommend. Then edit where you see this line of code: exec java -Xmx2G -Xms2G -jar <jar name> nogui Where I put the variable <jar name>, you would put the name of the jar you gave
  18. So I currently own a Height Map Projector and I used the cartographer and made a map that was fully green in the square. I right click to get it out and placed it in the Projector. It had a bunch of different squares and such but I could not see anything but the squares. No map was projected or within the projector GUI itself. I believe this is a bug with the two versions listed within the title but for some reason I am having issues with updating to 1.0.10. I upgraded my client to 1.0.10 and the projector worked splendidly. When I downgraded back to 1.0.9, the projector was still working. Thi
  19. Try using the 1.7x versions. Try the oldest one you can find. It may be compatible however I highly recommend a 1.6x build. Just try 1.7x and let me know what happens.
  20. I have a question and this may seem nooby but can you give me instructions on how to do this? I replaced the jar with the new 1.0.10 jar and got a broken pipe error. So then I deleted the mods folder and replaced it with the mods folder that the 1.0.10 jar file came with. The server went up but when I went in all 3 versions of 1.0.10-1.0.10a-10.010b it did not work. I could not connect to the server.
  21. First you need to download the latest version of MCPC, a jar file that lets you run mods and plugins (bukkit) on your server. Here is a link to the 1.6.4 version: http://ci.md-5.net/job/MCPC-Plus-164/ You would replace the Attack Of The B Team jar with this MCPC jar file you just downloaded. No this will not affect your mods because it runs mods and such and since you have all the mods installed from Attack Of the B Team in the folder your all set. So once you replaced the jar restart your server. It should generate a plugins folder. With that you drag in Lockette into that folder and then res
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