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Can Only Run in Offline Mode

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Hello Tekkit community. I come to you with the following problem. When I try to run Tekkit Classic, it says "would you like to run in offline mode?" I  can only play Tekkit classic (or any game for that matter) in offline mode. Just for some side information, I use the old Tekkit launcher. I do this because the new one lags like crap. What I mean by this is that it has constant lag for me, actions being delayed for several seconds ( for instance, When I hold down the w key, it takes 2-3 seconds for me to start walking, and it takes my character 10 seconds to turn around.) I can think of 2 possible solutions to this problem. A, I fix the offline mode error, or B, I find a way to make the new tekkit launcher stop lagging. Please help!





Old Technic Launcher (sorry if this picture doesn't show up, I was having some problems with it!)

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You're really confused about gameplay and launcher, OP.


Modpack issue is when you have problems playing the actual game.


Launcher issue is when you can't download the modpack at all. Your description tells me that you have a modpack issue, the launcher did its job as intended.

The offline mode is something blocking the launcher on your computer


And why is this not in the Tracker?

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