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T-team server|Join here|1.09c

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[This is sorta a re-post just I'm just trying to make this look a little better]


Welcome all. First of this is my first forum post so I'm sorry if this is very unprofessional but, anyways have access to my own b-team server,but the problem is I don't have very many people who can/want to play. So here's where you come in. If you want to join my B-team server here's what ya gotta do:


1. Tell me how old you are.

2. Why you want to join the server.

3. Give me your skype name. (You have to have skype to join) 


Once you do I'll add you on skype and see if your a good candidate to join. Also if you do join the rules are as follows:


1. No griefing.

2. Over all be nice to others.

3. Build reasonably close to spawn. We are trying to build a community.

4. No stealing.

5. No banned mods, please use the mods respectively.

6. Friendly PVP allowed,but no huge wars.

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I am 16 

IGN: Johnbomb (not sure if u wanted it but still)

Skype: anthony.a.19

y: i wuold love to join this server 1 because i m looking for friendly people to play with and people who i can skype with like the actual b team so plz accept me and we can have a fun time:D

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