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Hack slash mine is removed from the techniclauncher!?


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Take a look at this.

I created an account just to send all of you guys on this forum this news that I found today.


On the right side of hack/mines webpage, I see this.



Get Hack/Mine

Hack/Mine has been retired from the Technic Launcher and is no longer available. If you are looking for an adventure oriented modpack please try Hexxit

The reason I looked here was because my HSM would not launch today from the techniclauncher. Is this coincidence, or a sneaky attempt at removing HSM from the launcher. I must note that NOTHING on the techniclauncher itself made note to HSM being removed. 


I'm deeply disheartened to see this mod go. Bradleg's hack/mine server had a strong and tight knit community, and I will miss all of the friends that I met there. I think that this modpack provided something more dynamic and fun than Hexxit or any other modpack, and I hope that the Technic team reconsiders pulling this mod from their platform.

I'd also like to know if there's any other way to play Hack/mine even if not on the base list of HSM mods.
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I can't find it on the "Browse Modpacks" tab on the main page. It seems the modpack is finally retiring. This is a good thing, I'm personally confused on what to do with issues reported on that modpack


It seems that Frizzil and his team is too busy to keep up with the project. You are free to update it yourself, if Frizzil gives his blessings

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