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tekkit texture packs?

heero yuy79

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We had a question about a specific pack, and some answeres, >recently.

The issue here is that Tekkit is rather huge and relatively fast-moving. Since a texture pack only has merit if it covers all, or nearly all blocks in the modpack, it is quite hard to make a good one and then keep pace with further development.

I cannot name any current and complete packs right now, but I would also be grateful for hints if there are any.


Do note that since Minecraft 1.6 (which we are on now), they are called Resource Packs, and can contain more than just textures.

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Sphax has almost everything u find in tekkit textured, so that's most likely your way to go. There is no official patch for current version of tekkit, though, so u'd have to go to the forums and put it together by yourself.

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