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Tutorial: How to set up a Hack/Mine Server


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Credits go to nearbygamer, who made this helpful video tutorial.


[list type=decimal]

[li]Download the Hack/Mine files above. Click here to download.[/li]

[li]Grab an unmodified minecraft_server 1.2.3 jar, no Bukkit or anything! Use Minecraft Version Changer or sumpthin' if necessary. Download Minecraft Version Changer Here.[/li]

[li]Pull open "hackslashmine__.zip" and the fresh minecraft_server.jar in your favorite archive viewer (WinRAR, 7zip, etc).[/li]

[li]Drag everything inside of "server" into the minecraft_server.jar.[/li]

[li]Drag the "lang" folder from "textures" into the minecraft_server.jar.[/li]

[li]Do NOT delete META-INF!!! I know, I know, confusing.[/li]

[li]Close the archive viewer and you're done! As with any Minecraft server on Windows, make sure you're running Java as administrator, else your server will flood with error messages! Also, don't try running any old worlds with Hack/Mine, you'll need to back them up. Enjoy Hack/Mine for SMP![/li]

Minecraft Version Changer


Hack/Mine Forum

Hack Mine Wiki

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Yea, but it works.

This is the only legal way to obtain a minecraft server jar, so this is your only choice.

I mean how trustworthy are they? It may work... but also take your minecraft account information while it's at it.

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On the official thread for the Hack/Mine mod on the Yogscast forums, this exact site is suggested to download the server jar.

Okay didn't know that. Then I guess it's a pretty trustworthy source. Their site is just shady as hell looking.

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Followed all the exact steps, even tried doing it with 1.2.5 server jar but everytime I or my friend try to join it says Outdated Server! And I have no idea how to fix this. My mod is 100% updated and I have restarted and tried fresh multiple times, any help?

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