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Track Tekkit issues!


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Have issues with Tekkit? Fret not! We have a place in the Bug Reports for you!



Please read and follow the [rules incoming soon], so we can enjoy the Bug Reports together and help eachother!


Create your report according to the [new Template coming soon]!


Tekkit bug reports --> http://forums.technicpack.net/forum/69-tekkit/

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Some people seems to ignore this thread by thinking "it's not a modpack bug! It shouldn't belong in the Tracker!"


Well you're partly right, it shouldn't. But if we allow users to post all their technical issues on the Modpack discussion it's gonna get bloated. it already is...


The Tracker exist for a good reason, so users that require tech help can receive it and those that wish to ask about gameplay mechanic can ask here.


Let me break it down in simple words:


Does your game crash? Post a report on the Tracker.

Won't the modpack download? Post a report on the Tracker.

Won't the launcher work for you? Post a report on the Tracker.


Did you add additional mods to the pack and it doesn't work now? Ask help on Platform Pagoda


Don't know why that machine wont work? Ask on this section, that's what this section is for.


I'm gonna start deleting posts and giving warning points to people who ignore these pinned threads.

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