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Strange server crash?!?! Help!


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I have just added bukkit to my server (before then the server ran perfectly) and found that after a while of game time the server will get this wierd slow tick counter crash. Im running the server of  my computer at home. It has 4 gig of ram. here is the error log. 




Please help I LOVE THIS MODPACK and really want to play with my friends

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Slick, try removing the MCore plugin to test. (Multiverse)


zF4, some plugins don't work properly with mods (mcMMO comes to mind) so without knowing what you're running I can't offer you much help.

Sorry for the late reply


Here is a screeny of the plugins we have. http://gyazo.com/00b2720c3ceb2b86d6c7d054493011f9


The only one that isn't shown is an Autoreboot plugin

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zF4, please post this up along with logs on the tracker so it's easier to follow, links to guides and things can be found in my sig.  This isn't quite the same problem the OP was having at least, as you're not running MCore - I don't see any obvious conflicts in that list but I could've missed something, a log will give more info.

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