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Automating Tesseracts


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I really need a good way to automate tesseracts because they are pain in the butt to make and I use a lot of them. I could just set an export bus to a magma crucible and always export ender pearls, but it's a waste of resources. I tried the method that Direwolf20 used in his lets play series, but for some reason the item ducts aren't taking the items out of the chest and putting them into the magma crucible and fluid transposer. Does anyone else have any other methods?

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Yeah I guess, it's a subnetwork. When you throw the recipie in the arrowed one it feeds as a craftable into the main system.

The import bus goes into the main system though.

Edit for clarity: the magma & transposer are "seperate" by the me arrowed interface. That's being fed by the main network as well as the items it spits out

Why not edit again:

the magma & transposer buses act as filters. The magma gets ender, redstone, & glow stone. The transposer gets frames & buckets.

It's hooked into the main network, but functions separately. All craftables are built in the main, and fluid needed items are in the "sub". I can click to craft anything through my main setup: conduits, ender batteries, tesseracts, & laser drills

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Fulvus' option is the way to go, but just so you know - if you're trying to pump items out of a vanilla chest with TE itemducts, it can be intermittently buggy. I've run into this problem too myself. Instead you can use TE strongboxes as an alternative (I'm sure storage options from other mods work too, though I haven't tried). They're more expensive, but they work much better.

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The bugs only happen when you use vanilla double chests, iirc. Just avoid them for... well, anything.


I am also strongly in favour of Strongboxes. They are completely blast resistant, can be trasported when full (shift-wrench to break while preserving content), can be upgraded without losing contents, and won't even despawn if dropped upon death. Not even in lava. Try to beat that.

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