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With the 10b changes I realize (as shown in b-team videos) that steam turbines no longer work. Unfortunately since this was so easy before its all I used for power, and I have neglected to research possible power supplies. This is my first modpack too, so Im not very versed in the different mods within it. 


My question here is what are my possible power supply options? Ill be doing research, but I figure fellow modpack players would have experience in what works or doesnt work in this specific one :) Someone mentioned using liquid exp and some sort of dynamo, but didnt go into much detail. I have plenty of exp to use, mob essence is easy to make but time consuming for me. However, I struggle for conventional fuel sources (coal and charcoal are very low for me because Ive not had much need for them). 


Thanks :) I will of course be looking around so I can educate myself on the power supplies in the meantime. 

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I believe that you can use a compression dynamo with mob esscence and an aqueous accumulator (fuel and coolant) Blaze rods to lava to magmatic dynamo is pretty good. Solar panels from galacticraft are a bit cheaty depening on how they are configured but configured correctly can give you okay energy. A tree farm < charcoal + a couple steam dynamos is okay. I personally added in extra utilities and just use the nether generator. It fills two resonant energy cells (the biggest) with one star. lolz 

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