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Notes on suggestions/bug fixes


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First off love the mod and I love even more that it's been added to tekkit, just a couple of things and I'll be on my way, and hopefully you can improve something that is already awesome. :)



-First: In regards to the names of items I noticed that without some tampering the names are messed up in single and multiplayer when running hack/mine in tekkit. Which doesn't necessarily cause problems but it's a bit annoying to most it seems.

(Simple .lang file fix ignore that)

-Second: The items in the mod jar aren't textured and appear the same no matter what they are called you can test this quickly by going into creative mode, but the circlet and the plate mail and the obsidian pick are all the same. It would be nice to see what they should look like. (plus desciptions for items that have none such as crafted items and maybe even spawned in items, seeing as the code is set to generate the stats when the item is found)

-Third: Every once and awhile there will be a disenchanted plain item in one of the chests which wouldn't be a problem normally but none of them have descriptions and only seem to be as powerful as the iron versions of themselves, or less.

(Because of the .lang problem I was spotting items that were bronze or otherwise didn't have descriptions, they still need the propper stats though.)

-Fourth: Armor and unique armor should have different sprites in some cases when worn on the character. Makes us feel special.

Terrain Generation:

-First: Now the dungeons, are awesome, I have to say, but there are errors about their spawning the seem to bug a lot of people when they play, one being the fact that doorways/hatches in towers (Not the case sorry) are occasionally blocked by the floor, which would be a simple fix I would think.

-Second: Towns and other structures are still as rare as in vanilla minecraft. Maybe you could tone up these settings and tweak what appears in them? For example maybe the abondoned mines have pre-built nether portals in them?

-Third: Dungeon entrances look degrading. I would love them more, as I'm sure everyone else would with maybe a generated above ground structure leading into the stairwell above? Like a temple or some sort of ruins? Oh and a variation in the types of stone too, like cracked and moss covered versions of the already colored stones would look cool. (Colored Cobble?)

-Forth: Stone bricks are a pain in the ass, I know you want to keep the dungeons standing, but are the permanent block necessary? I know that you are going for the rpg world style, but you seem to have eliminated a lot of the mining part of hack/mine.

(Just ignore that, it's assanine, maybe a decrease in the time it takes to break the blocks and making them a shade darker than the rest would help :) )


-First: Sounds.... I don't know if I speak for everyone else but I'd love to hear some more sounds added to the hack/mine creatures and denizens. Scorpions are fine with spider sounds, but maybe some different noises from the rats and raptors? Along with they naga, as they would seem to have more of a creeper hiss than a zombie sound.

-Second: Number of creatures spawned. Now I love the dungeons but when it comes to some creatures spawning in them they seem a bit disproportionate, like for example skeletons. When they spawn they all seem to attack one another due to crowded fire and push each-other off ledges otherwise.

-Third: Mob skins, the mobs look amazing, let me tell you but what I'd like to see is the randomobs mod working properly in conjunction with them, and the roflsnake thing, lol as funny as it is to see so many creeper heads bouncing around after me and my friends, I think he could use a body make over. Maybe make the cubes smaller as they recede and remove the faces along the body for more of a snake like look, along with reducing the size of it's blast and overall spacing of the cubes.

-Fourth: Orcs need some melee counterparts, I mean I know they are kicking ass with their bows but they need somebody for the front lines of their groups.

(Orc villages?)

-Fifth: I wanted to ask if the mobs disappear at night or if the are there regardless of the time of day because when I was adventuring I didn't see a single one burn in the sun.

(Answered that question in the question)

-Sixth: Slimes particles could use a make over with the number of different colors they have attributed to them. When a black slime plops I don't expect to see green particles. :T

Class, Stat, and Item suggestions:

Split classes: Classes split at third level the level you originally wanted the cap to be at.

Warrior: Standard fighter class

Berserker: More rage centered moves, shouts and the like. (Duel wielding?) [Attack Heavy Class]

Paladin: Gains the power of healing and low level light/dark spells, buffs allies. [Defensive Class]

Knight: Heavily armored tank that can deal and receive massive damage. [balanced Class]


Druid: Dabbles in the magic of the earth and befriends animals. [Magic Class]

Bowman: Hones their skills as a ranged fighter. [Ranged attack class]

Forester: Further develops their suvival skills. [balanced Class]


White Mage: Healing/Holy spell caster who specializes in light magics. [Light magic and Healing]

Black Mage: Dark/Harming magics that deal great damage and cost the caster greatly in turn. [Dark magic and Harming]

Red Mage: Dabbles in a variation of magics, and learns to weild weapons as well. [balanced Class]

Items to Add:

Shields/ off hand weapons






Magic Arrows/ Condition arrows (add the arrows mod?)

Item suggestions:

-First: Requirements to use weapons, such as 14 dex required to use a bow, or 16 str required to use a warhammer.

-Second: Level requirements for magic items, so no one can dump super powerful items on noobs to boost their stats.


-First: At the beginning of the game everyone should start with 8 stat points in each section and they should then be able to add a total of 12 points to the different catagories from the start. (Or a random low number in each catagory and stat points to assign)

-Second: I think stats should work as follows... (If this isn't how some of it is already)


+1 melee base dmg

+block placement range [for every 5 points]


Stamina: (Stamina gets damaged first when falling)

+X stamina bar

+run speed


+1 ranged base dmg



+1 spell base dmg

+spell page [for every 3 points]


+X mana

+1 vs. Magic


+X health

+2 base health healed when eating food

Additional Spells I've been playing with in my head:

Warrior Skills:

Cleave: 3x dmg in a 3x3 area in front of the user

Thrust: regular dmg with an additional 3 block reach

(Shield bash: Stun an enemy with your shield at the cost of durability)

Ranger Skills:

Piercing shot: Shoots through 4 block destroying them or 2 mobs damaging them both. (2 blocks = 1 mob)

Target Lock: +5 dmg to target

Arrow flurry: Shoots arrows quickly at the cost of magic and bow durability (3 arrows per sec)

Wizard Skills:

Inferno: Jet of fire cast in front of the user

Frost: Jet of Ice in front of the user

Chain lightning: Electricity cast out that when it touces one ceature it launches out two more orbs of lightning out and so on and so forth.

Trail of (Element): casting enchants the users feet to leave a trail behind them that dmgs al who walk through it

(That's all I've got for not, let me know if you like any of my ideas, I'd love to try and help implement them.)

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Yeah the leveling gets a little buggy in the later levels, and the monster spread should be calibrated by the level cap of the area that you're in.

I'll post here again if I come up with anything else btw

(Compiled post, sorry about that.)

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The mob spawns from spawners is way too high in the most recent version. While clearing one floor of a tower the next one can have 15-20 enemies easily.

Oh no I know what you mean, I think the number of spawners in the towers was boosted from two to three in the latest version? Which is kind of redic, I mean playing alone it's much more difficult to run through. I think maybe the number of spawners in the tower should be relative to the zone lvl or to your difficulty level. You know?

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Note on the bugs, there are some death message bugs if you want a corrected en_US.lang file take mine I fixed it an dadded a bit of randomized death/sleep in improper bed messages to boot. Just drop it into your minecraft.jar/lang and it should fix some things. (I think.)

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Oooooh, I love diligence.

Alright, all the bugs and fixes/changes you've mentioned I'm already painfully aware of, right down to the Roflconda body. A lot of it is getting fixed. The Roflconda I'm thinking about, because I like how it relies on the Creeper texture-- this lets it change with texturepacks (Roflcondas in Misa's are absolutely horrifying) I'll see if I can't still get it to rely on it, just in a different part, but I don't believe there's a part of the texture I could repurpose and have smooth looking. It's complicated. The problem with cube spacing is, well, it's contingent on the Roflconda's speed. When he's wandering, he looks beautiful (check it out in Creative). When he's pissed, he looks retarded :P I can probably fix this, again, just gotta get around to it.

Sounds will be a matter of finding a good sound person/me paying for a few soundbytes.

Varying orcs are already planned, just have to bug my roommate to make them. The plan was to use the same silly texture for each, but vary only one slight feature for each (Archers have a feather behind their ear, for example.) We were thinking of giving the warrior a crummy, buckety lookin' helmet and the mage... I think a spindly beard, lol, not remembering. The inspiration was Banjo-Kazooie.

Unique armor with varying sprites is a possibility-- I'm actually getting SMP to do texturing for the mod, it depends if he enjoys it enough to do it. So, I can't promise anything.

I've been planning on changing dungeon entrances, just gotta get around to it.

The Warrior ideas are very similar to what I've been pondering, of course there's only so many variations to choose from :P

The Mage ideas I like (FF1 is awesome, of course), though I wouldn't make Red a mix of the other two, I foresee that not being fun and having balance issues. Instead, give him telekinesis magic, or sumpthin' Throw blocks around and jank. Variation is always good

The Ranger bears similarities to what I've thought of as well. Druid expounds a little bit though, with the magical element.

There are some juicy nuggets in there, thanks! Most everything is literally a matter of time :P

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Thank you so the great work as it is Frizzil and hey if you want I would mind one bit helping out, I myself am trying to get into creating creature models and the textures hell I can do that already. If you just give me the word I'd be glad to help you with anything you need. Just give me a hollar. :)

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