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how do i get more ram


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Just make sure that you don't delete the 32 bit Java though.. I did that and it messed up my PC. I ended up having to get a program to delete all Java related files and downloading both versions again. Luckily it fixed it. 

It should be fine to remove any version, if problems happen they shouldn't be related to the java uninstallation and you can have as many or as few versions installed at the same time (even none at all) for all windows cares.  B-Team pretty much needs the 64-bit version of java, and other applications you have may need the 32-bit version (like a browser), so it depends on you individually if you have a need for the 32-bit one.


4GB isn't a whole lot, you can get more really easily here.

...the fact that this website is a thing makes me feel sorry for people who work in retail.


That said, I've got a few old EDO-RAM machines around, I wonder if they have any of that in 'stock', that stuff is hard to find.

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