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  1. The correct use of Psyduck is something you just can't pass up!
  2. True. However, this is more compact and much faster to setup. If you wanted the tree farm route, you would have to do a lot more work...
  3. I believe most desktop PCs from the past few years can run this pack. You just need to allocate 2 GB of RAM. You need Java 64 bit to do this. If you have that already, use the cog wheel on the Technic Launcher screen to allocate more RAM.
  4. Yeah, that's really a bad thing to put out on a forum. lol
  5. Oh ok! I was thinking of a no connection kind of error. My bad!
  6. I can think of three reasons. A. Your internet isn't good enough to connect to a server B. The server is too far away to connect to. (You might be in the US, but the server is in the UK; or visa versa.) C. You miss-typed the server address.
  7. Agreed. I run a HP pavilion p7-1234, which is a couple years old. I can tell you right now, it did not cost even $1000....
  8. Someone has anger issues... It's not the Technic team's fault if you have a PC from 1998.
  9. AotBT is in 1.6.4 at the moment because most of the mods aren't updated to 1.7 yet.
  10. I'm not sure, but I think this should go either in the Tracker or the Platform Pagoda. I know the tracker is for sure, but since you added a mod, it should go in the PP forum.
  11. I have been wondering what causes that as well. Thanks, Kalbinton!
  12. Yes, he has. His Thermal Expansion tutorials are very informative for new players as well. Something a lot of tutorials for that mod lack.
  13. Well, it is possible. It would take some time though.
  14. What do you mean? We need more information to understand what you want.
  15. The sarcasm on this page. It's so terrible! XD
  16. Hey, Kalbintion, I hope this goes well for you, I've seen a few of your Minecraft videos before, and enjoyed them! Keep it up!
  17. I'm having the same issue, but as far as I know I'm online.
  18. I'm not sure what that one is. I do know that it is added by a mod though. not sure which one.
  19. You need to either be in survival mode, or in Creative+ mode to view the search bar. Regular creative mode doesn't show up with it.
  20. There is a difference between raiding and griefing. Raiding is trying to beat someone else in an attack on their house. Griefing is breaking their stuff/stealing their items.
  21. Oh, Oliver Twist? I've read it. It's a really good book. No, I didn't read it because I HAD too, I really enjoy reading.
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