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  1. Title: Game Crashes at Mojang Screen Type of Bug: Launcher Bug Reproduction Rate: 9/10 Steps to Reproduce: Open Launcher Click Attack of the B Team Check memory and make sure its 3 GB Click play Crashes Espected Result: A working game of Attack of the B team Observed Result: Game hangs around Mojang screen then crashes Logs: I think I did it, Please help me or tell me If I made a mistake! =CluelessNazariTMZ=
  2. Thanks! I was worried my age would be a turn down! But where would I find the IP?
  3. I didnt get how to do that, but I am in the U.S. the server is in Canada maybe because of that? I also relog my user in Technic, turn it on and off, and reset the pack if that helps but it never works!
  4. Do I have to write something? Naaah.

  5. I wish I could make one but I would be happy to play with you! Skype me at NazariTMZ if so
  6. I will try it thanks for the tips!
  7. Everytime I open up attack of the B Team and want to play a server it says, "Failed to Login: Bad Login" WHYYY Single player works fine though
  8. Sorry to be a bother, but can I get a reply the anxiety of getting in or not is killing me! I would just want to know so I can stop checking every alert I get in case its a reply. BTW: If I do get accepted I can come on now I am playing on singleplayer.
  9. Sleepy, and bored. #MundaneLife #Smartness XD

  10. Hi! I am NazariTMZ and I am relatively new to Attack of the B Team, well I am 12 and I am actually mature and goofy at the same time. I guess I know when to be and not to be serious. I would like to play because I would like to learn how to play, I have the modpack and know the basics yet I still refer to the wiki for guidance. I would also love to make friends and maybe team with them over skype. My plans would be to get deep into Tropicraft and maybe aa little bit of evil in Witchery and Necromancy? I love the idea of FoodPlus and making food with it being me, I am a lover of food. I would probably build a nice happy tropical shack on land and a secret and evil lair underneath it? I guess we would see! Skype: NazariTMZ Squeaker: Not really Maturity: 7.5/10 Building: 6/10 Conbat: 4/10 Redstone: 1/10 Farming: 9/10 Friendliness: 10/10 of course! P.S. Sorry for the spelling errors I hate my keyboard! P.P.S. Contact response on skype if possible! BTW: I am a Swifter because I watch ChimneySwift play AotBT <3 NazariTMZ