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[0.6.5] PvPCrafter.tk - Tekkit Lite Server [50 Slots][PvP][GriefPrevention][Freebuild][No griefing]

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PvPCrafter.tk Tekkit Lite Server

Connect now with PvPCrafter.ml:20000!

We are an Economy Server, where you can decide if you want to simply walk away and build, or rent a plot to build your house there. You can rent your own user-shop too.


- Permissions System

- Ranks

- Essentials -> Commands like /tpa, /home and more

- Tekkit Lite Features

- Nice Staff

- Admin Shop

- Usershops

- Citybuild

- Not many banned items, only Nuke and Canvas Bag, you are free to use Chunk Loaders and other stuff!


1. Don't grief

2. Be nice to each other

3. Don't ask for OP

4. Keep cool

If you forgot the rules you can read them ingame with /rules.


Vote on vote.PvPCrafter.tk!

You can visit our Website PvPCrafter.tk too.


We wish you much fun on the Server.

PvPCrafter Servernetwork

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