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Grinder Too Fast

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So I've got my cow farm up and running, however, I've run into an issue with it.  The grinder kills them too quickly and all my cows are gone by the time the breeder has done it's job... Does anyone know of any work-arounds to solve this problem?

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You may want to set up your farm so that baby animals are sorted into a separate pen until they grow up, and only then transfer them to the slaughterhouse.

Not tried this yet myself, but I think MFR has most of the blocks required to do that.


Otherwise, try pulsing your grinder with Redstone gear, so that it only spins up occasionally.

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I used some cronotypers to seperate them


had 10 cows running around in a 3x3 field, then the cronotyper seperating the new born cows into a 3x4 box and a second cronotyper seperating the grown into a 3x3 pit with the grinders

should look something like this:







this is a top down view...


X = Wall

C = Cronotyper

T = Grinder

G = Grass


walls should be at least 2 blocks high and don't use fences, otherwise they climb over it at the cronotyper...

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