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Has anyone had duplication issues with Ender Backpacks?


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I just managed to get an Ender Backpack and accidentally "broke" it instead of punching it to put it on. It teleported and I was able to get it back. However, I found a second Ender Backpack a little later on. I went into Creative mode and destroyed it, but this isn't the first time I have seen this happen. I was in my Creative test word trying one out and was able to duplicate several by using a Diamond pick on them.

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Kalbintion: The second Ender Backpack was a few blocks higher and a few blocks away from where I broke my original. Each time I break one, it teleports just a few blocks away with the duplicate a few blocks away from the new location of the original.



Eotf: I watched that video. Yep, that's pretty much what happened to me. If I break the backpack with a pickaxe it teleports away (like an Enderman) and I find two. I then put one of the two on my back and break the other with my pick and poof. I now have three.


Granted, they are a bit of a bother to locate after they teleport. However, I can make as many as I want this way.


I only tried this because I wanted to put the backpack in my inventory to use later on. Is there no way to take it off and place it in a box?


By the way, both backpacks work just fine. They are fully operational Ender Backpacks. No fakes.

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I would be one of the folks that would not be calling this a bug. Unless, of course, there were a better way to remove the Ender Backpack into my inventory and be able to store it away in a chest or Shelf.

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