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Need Mystcraft Help


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I've been trying to create a mystcraft age for so long and I can never get it right. All I want is a jungle island (jungle for the grass and island for good fps) that is always sunny. I've tried the following pages: Single Biome, Jungle biome, island world, zenith phase, zero length, normal sun, normal moon, normal stars, no weather, bright lighting. When I try this I usually get two biomes and sometimes they aren't jungle biomes. Or sometimes I get a random biome that is completely nether rack. I also heard that there is a page for a jungle island biome, but I can't find it. Please help me and tell me if I am doing something wrong.

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Things to note, the biome goes before the controller.  The terrain type can take a solid and liquid block modifier, or random ones will be added.(usually stone and water)


Jungle biome, single biome(in that order), 

stone block, no seas, (Island world, or End world, depending on which version of Tekkit your using.)


You could also try:

any biome, any biome controller, void,

jungle biome, floating islands


for constant daylight:

zenith, zero length, normal sun.


That should give you an island floating in the void, that is covered in jungle, of a random size, with constant daytime.  But in the case of the floating island version, there will be several islands, probably far appart, and you'll first spawn on a small stone platform and will have to fly out to reach your island.

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