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failed to lunch the game


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i want to start to play atack of the team B.. so i downloading for the first time the lancher and press PLAY on attack of the team b and afrer few min..its give me messag"e:

"error downloading file for the following pack attack of the b-team"



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The only thing I know to do is try again.

Also try with your firewall and anti-virus TEMPORARILY turned off.


It may be interfering in some way.


If that's not it... try serving it dinner instead of lunch?

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It might not have enough RAM allocated. To add more RAM you need 64-bit Java. You can get it at Java.com. After you have that go into the Technic Launcher and click on the cog icon in the top right corner. Then select 2 GB in the dropdown menu and that might fix the problem. If not then I don't know what it could be. 

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