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Tekkit server issue

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I set up a tekkit server (1.2.8e) with a mate of mine, normal tekkit opened fine but we both agreed that the game needed tinkers construct

So i install it into the server and as soon as he connects he gets an error


The following microblocks are not installed on the server: tile.decoration.block0 all the way from 0 to around 15

Is there a reason TC causes this

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So let me recapitulate: You come to Tekkt Discussion forum, which is for discussion, not for issues. You want help with an issue that does only occur when you manipulate the pack, so it's safe to assume that you did it incorrectly. And then, while your request still sits at the top of the forum page, you bump it to the top of the forum page, to elevate it above the zero posts that had overtaken it so far.


I'm not surprised if people ignore this.


To solve the issue, remove the additional mod. Then go and read some how-to-mod tutorials and do it correctly next time.

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@Curunir: That about sums it up.


@BrokenReality: You will likely bet better support in the Platform Pagoda forum. In short, when used with a server all clients must have the same collection of mods and the same collections of configs. You likely have something different between client and server.

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