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[1.6.4] Knights Of Chaos [Survival] [PvP Enabled]

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Knights Of Chaos



Do you like Tinkers Construct and Flans Mod? Well this modpack has them both! Do you love PvP but hate how underpowered Vanilla weapons are? Well, Make some OP weapons with Tinkers Construct  !

Do you like killing people but aren't that good with Swords and Battleaxes? Well, make some guns then! There is a wide variety of guns, Want a little list? Well here ya go; AK47, Ak74, M16, MP5, M9, M21. Those are my preferences when hunting people  .

Not the killing people type? Well, we have Growthcraft, Harvestcraft, Industrialcraft, and Thaumcraft, Don't worry, If you're not a PvP person there is still alot of things for you to do

You're probably wondering "Well, How do I protect my stuff!" Don't worry! We have Towny :) Do /towny prices in game to see how much towns are! To make money, Just sell Crops and Ores to the shop! And be careful, Gun's can bypass towny! (Even if PvP is off people can kill you with guns! Guns can also break glass in your town) 


List Of Staff

Owner- SevenFangs

Admins- Cynark, Yackaban & JerryWalmer

Mods- hImYnAmEiSdEkOtA & awesomehq101

Chat-Mod- cL_aods

Forum Mod- Weman2002


Mods Included

Better Storage 

Biblio Craft 

Build Craft 

Carpentors Blocks 

Code Chicken Core 

COFH Core 

Computer Craft 

Flans Mod 

Growth Craft 

Harvest Craft 

Industrial Craft 

Not Enough Items 

Random Plants 

Plant Mega Pack 

Security Craft 

Simply Jetpacks 

Tailor Mod 



Thermal Expansion


How to install

1) Open your technic launcher.  

2) Select add new modpack. (It's a plus sign (avatar) on the left side of the launcher)  

3) When the menu appears paste this in the modpack URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/knightsofchaos 

4) You will then see the pack on your launcher, select it, click play!  

The server is conveniently already in your multiplayer list for you.  

Modpack Page




Well that's all I have to say! Hope to see you on the server :)

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