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Help! Tekkit Server Exception Ticking World Problem(v.1.2.9d)

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I've posted the problem to Minecraft Forum but no one reply me so i want to posted at Technic Forum. Unfortunately i can't copy all the things including links to here, like code and even text, so please go to this website of Minecraft Forum and help me. You can reply at Minecraft forum Page or Technic Forum page.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Link: http://goo.gl/Dq7naS

Thank you and thank you!

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Your solution is in the title, the game crashes when it ticks a certain block, according to the logs, it's a Fluid Level Emiter from Extra Cells. Only solution for you is to edit your map outside Minecraft, with MCEdit for example, and delete every Fluid Level Emiter you placed, should save your world. Then, try to put them back in game, if the world crashes again that means you've found a bug, and that you can report it to the tracker. If it does, re-delete the level emiters and just don't place them back

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Is anyone know a plugin that works with tekkit to delete a block by console command ?

That's should be really useful for people like me that have a really slow internet connection to get rid of this issue ...

I have the same ticking issue but with Basic logistic pipes =/ and a 330 Meg world =/


Or is there is a way to select a block in MCedit by input it's location ?

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I'm not an expert with MCEdit, I don't know if you can go to specific coordinates, but I know you can select the zone where you know the pipes are in, and select wich blocks to delete using their IDs. Don't remember exactly how but that should be easy to find

For the plugin you should try WorldEdit, IIRC there are commands to define a selection manually, but as your game crashes when the chunk the block is in is loaded, an in game solution is not the best, and I think to affect the map in game it has to be loaded

Also, if you're using the 1.2.9d version of Tekkit, logistic pipes just crashes the game, it can be fixed by upgrading the mod manually, I don't know how but I remember someone on the tracker giving links. Even then, after upgrading the mod it's possible the blocks keep crashing the game because they still corrupt the chunk, so either way there is a great probability you'll have to manually delete LPs with MCEdit


I'm glad to offer my help anywhere they ask for it

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