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Since I have always liked SkyBlock, when I swiched to technic pack I looked for a good replacement. I enjoyed VoidBorn but found that even the so called "excruciating" version had a few things not really needed.

With this in mind I set up to make the most minimalist survival map.

Since I didn't want to start from scratch I edited skyblock to suit my needs. So when your water freezes causing your scafoldry to fail and killing you don't thank me, instead give credit to the makers of skyblock for making the biome snow :)

Here is for all your masochistic needs:



I realize that if you want to play this map with a friend the starting area is to small and might cause trouble so I also came up with this slight variation:



-play on peaceful( monsters give to many items, and monster farms make gathering emc to easy, you have to work for your emc!)

-since I made this map tekkit compatible there is no millenaire mod, but if you're playing technic pack and enjoy the millenaire content you can give yourself a summoning wand, but don't lose it, giving your self a second one is cheating

-don't dupe items/ edit inventory or give yourself items through NEI cheat mode.

Outside the rules:

Now that you know what's cheating, it's up to you if you play by the rules or not, it's your gameing experience, but if you cheat don't complain that the map is to easy.

Here's a few challenges:

*make dirt

*Find the two chests near the starting area

*make flint (enjoy your flint…you still don’t have steel)

*make a bed

*have a garden with normal trees, birch and redwood (hint: make it big and cut it often)

*go to the nether (you don’t have obsidian, diamond pickaxe or steal it’s still possible...figure it out)

*Find the first nether chest

*make a pumpkin farm (again make it big and harvest it often)

*make steel

*find the second nether chest

*make diamond

*find the third nether chest

*make an energy collector

*make redstone

*make a Ring of Arcane

===at this point the survival part is pretty much done===

But there’s still stuff to do:

-make all the expensive EE items

-a squid spawner

-a diamond castle

-a red matter castle

-a castle out of snow blocks and lava(maybe with a little glass too)

-sheep rainbow (a pen with 1 sheep of each color)

-build all sort of buildcraft stuff

-and all sort of industrial craft stuff

Hope you enjoy this map

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