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JCLite: Tekkit Lite inspired/cloned for Forge/MC 1.6.4


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After making a very large tech modpack for Forge/MC 1.6.4 I decided to trim things down and essentially "upgrade" the mod collection that makes up Tekkit Lite to 1.6.4. This is my attempt at doing so. The full mod list is available on the mod list tab, but almost all the mods either had direct updates or spiritual successors which have been included in this pack.

The only notable changes:

  • Added Natura: because vanilla nether is a stack of suck at this point.
  • Added Extra Cells: because TekkitLite has always lacked good liquid storage and management and this integrates smoothly.
  • Added Chisel & Carpenter's: For some fancy buildings. Very light on resources.

Technic Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/jclite.349189
Server files: https://copy.com/AzRK28osVaHs?download=1

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Plowman, I wanted to thank you for making this mod-mod, or whatever you guys call these variations of Tekkit Lite. I have been playing it almost exclusively for several weeks and enjoying it a lot.


I do periodically notice some incongruities, not 'bugs' per se, but things like: you can make a canvas bag (it is in the mod) but it doesn't show up in a search of NEI. Also things like: the NEI interface, when changed into "Cheat Mode" does not then have the "Save 1; Save 2; Save 3" options on the far left. That would be something I'd love to see changed to be more like Tekkit Lite's version of NEI.

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