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I'm starting a youtube channel and im so buggered with modpacks


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I have spent the past few days trying to figure how the hell to get this to work, but i just can't. if anyone could send me a link to an absolute tutorial as all the ones i found were pretty unclear, or even just make it, i would be EXTREMELY grateful.

here are the list of the mods (i know its a lot, but there is a lot of people on our team)

-Witchery                                -Advanced genetics                                    -Archimedes ships                                 -Biomes o' plenty                                   -Carpenters blocks                            -chisel                                      -dragon mounts        -enhanced portals 2               -food plus                                                   -galcticraft (with planets add on)           -hamsterrific                                            -hats                                                -liquid xp                                                          -map writer                             --minecraft minions                                    -minefactory reloaded                           -morph                                                    -mr.crayfish's furniture mod             -natura                                                                 -NEI                                        -NEI plugins                                                -open blocks                                        -project red                                               -random things                               -secret rooms                                                  -statues                                   -sync                                                           -the necromancy mod                          -thermal expansion                                   -tinkers construct                            -trailmix                                                             -tropicraft                                -waypoints                                                  -bibliocraft                                            -buildcraft                                                 -buildcraft tools                             -code chicken core                                         -damage indicators                 -dimensional anchors                                 -dynamic lights                                      -minecraft forge                                       -forge NBT edit                             -hat stand                                                           -immibis core                          -soul shards                                                 -treecapitator                                         -tubestuff                                                 -universal elctricity                        -yet another leather smelting mod              
-mekanism                              -inventory tweaks                                          -optifine                                               -zans minimap                                         -animationAPI                              -mutant creatures                                              
-mystcraft                                -orespawn                                                   -applied energistics                               -dimensional doors                                   -equivalent exchange 3                                     
-enderstorage                          -nether ores                                                 -backpacks                                              -obsidiplates                                          -forestry                                          -death counter                                                  
-extra bees and trees               -extra utilities                                              -factorization                                          -flat signs                                               -gravity gun                                    -industrialcraft 2                                               
-magic bees                            -mob dimeberment/shatter                           -optileaves                                            -quarry plus                                            -telepads                                                                                                                 -thaumcraft 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -thaumic tinkerer                                              
-twilight forest                                                   
-buildcraft additional pipes                            
-power crystals core                                         
-power converters                                            
-portal gun                                         


I know there are A LOT of mods on this list, but there are six people on the channel and each one had 50 requests

We're gonna call the pack and series 'Chunk Junk' and we are not releasing it to the public so we dont have to worry about the mod creators getting all shitty, even though we are going to give a lot of credit to them.


thanks for any help you can give,


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Hmm… I'm looking over this and thinking: I could make this myself, but the amount of config and ID issues... honestly, why would you? 


The shear amount of lag generated from this is enough to put call of duty to shame. 


Not to mention a lot of your mods there overlap their usefulness: 


Waypoints aren't needed with zan's minimap


Tinker's construct's lumber axes eliminate the need for treecapitator


You don't have WAILA up here but it works far better the damage indicators


The yogscast should have taught you that bees and trees are NOT the way to go. 


Do you need all the teleport mods? Surely some command blocks or even the dimensional doors would work better? (You can transport items between linked doors!) 


Thermal expansion is old hat compared to tinker's construct, it really isn't needed ESPECIALLY with project red involved too. 


And this is just a suggestion, but metaworlds would work a bit better then achemedes ships, plus you can shrink the ship too! 


Energy convergence is a waist of time, many mods like build craft work fine with galacticraft generators. 


And while animation looks cool, I find it to be somewhat over-rated and not worth the lag… Same goes for cray's furniture. 




These are just my opinions to help with your mod pack creation, If you still want all of it be my guest, just my two cents. 

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This isn't really the place.  If you want advice on making a mod pack, see the Platform Pagoda section.  Also, some of your mods stand a good chance of crashing the server: Portal Guns and MystCraft, used unwisely, are the two fairly common culprits.

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