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Server 1.0.9c - Sudden Death of hostile mobs and problems with the chisel


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First I love this pack .... its so over the top awesome ... but I encountered 2 problems using AOTBT.

My Serverhost is currently running the 1.0.9c. He hasn't upgraded to 1.0.10 yet, but I hope this will be done soon (already naggin him).

But two things really got me wondering, maybe someone has encountered those as well and knows how to fix em:


1. Sudden death of all hostile mobs

Even though the map is running survival in normal diificulty and the mob spawn gamerule is set to true there are no hostile mobs anymore. I can even fly into the wilderness far away from any light at night and have no hostile mobs spawning around me. This wasn't always the case .... they just ceased to exsist from one day to the next.


2. I can't carve blocks

In the Youtubevideos (have seen all PSJ and some Keralis ones) I see them using the chisel by activating it, right click to bring up the carving menu) and then dropping blocks into the popup and chooose the patterns.
For me this somehow doesn't work. The only way to carve blocks is to put the texture on a carpenters block and then use the chisel on it, but since the original texture remains and the new carved textures goes above it, it mostly looks plain ugly.


Has anybody encounterd these problems and knows how to solve them? I have tortured google for answers and tried my luck on the configfiles but didn't get the vital clue. Also reinstalling the server and reuploading the map didn't help either.


Would be thankful for useful hints on this


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1: The server only supports a certain number of mobs at once - if there's a lot of other players or you're flying then it's unlikely you'll see them (flying they'll spawn underneath you and be behind before they show up, then you'll hit the cap so when you land there's no more spawning allowed).  MCPC+ can alleviate this a little (it clears up distant mobs a bit better but allows plugins like clearlagg that do an even better job than MCPC+ alone).  Walking should also fix this.


2: There are several kinds of chisel - you want the one that takes 4 iron in a square shape in the top right corner with a stick in the bottom left for what you're describing (the chisel from the Chisel mod, it sounds like you're using the Carpenters Chisel from the Carpenters Blocks mod).


Edit: Thinking of wrong pattern, corrected

Edited by Loader
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Holy chiselmanissle. Ok I have made two of them (carpenter and tinker) but I didn't realise there is a third one ... i will check that out ... thanks a lot.


Concerning the mob problem. I have also tried going into the wildness (several hundred blocks from the base) and just stand there and look onto the ground .... the next day I walked home. Its not that no mobs are spawning, since I see peaceful mobs all the time, its just that there are no spiders, skellis, creepers (thank god for that ;)), Endermen (which is a pity, since I want an Endermenminionarmy) and the rest of the evil pack.

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Peaceful mobs can only spawn on grass - if you're going over visited areas then there's probably mobs in caves below the surface.  If you've got OP access you can use the command /cofh killall to kill mobs nearby (it'll do hostile mobs only if they're around, then peaceful ones if there's none around, then other stuff if there's none of those around).


If you don't have OP access you can at least press F3 for the debug screen in order to see how many entities are around (in the top left).  You should see that number go up as things spawn or down as you move out of range of them, at least it'll indicate they're around.

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So awesome dude. Not only that I finally found the right chisel, but you solved that mob problem as wel. As it seems we must have a zombiemobspawner somewhere nearby, since the command killed 196 Zombies .... thanks a lot for the help.

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Also, keep in mind while the information presented about the /cofh killall command is correct from Loader's post, there are a lot of mobs that will not be touched by the command. These mobs include tropicraft mobs (most of them are left untouched). If there are multiple spider mothers in the tropicraft realm, and they happen to be active at some point, it is possible they spawned hundreds of spider eggs which can easily cap the mobs out quickly. The way to bypass this would be to use /cofh killall tropi and it should kill every tropicraft entity, however this will also remove the masks from tropicraft if they are placed in the world somewhere, so be careful about this if you know people are using them for decór. Generally entering in a specific mob after /cofh killall will kill the mobs, i will make note that the easter island head isn't found under any portion of its regular name, but EIH is its entity name, so /cofh killall EIH would need to be used for them specifically. Also, pixies don't seem to be touched by the command either, so /cofh killall pixie is necessary in the promised land.

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