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IC2: MFE consumption confusion


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I have the following setup:


1 MV Solar array -- fiber optic cable --> MFE --- 2x Ins gold cable -->  LV transformer (output 1)----> copper insulated cable --> compressor -> rotary macerator 7500 RPM --> extractor --> 2x Ins gold cable --> Induction Furnace

                                                                                                                                      (output 2) ---- 2x Ins gold cable --- copper insulated cable --> electric furnace









The problem is that usually when I come to my MFE at a random point in time, I find my MFE to be nearly depleted/empty (after a good amount of time, let's say around 1 Minecraft day).

I am looking for a scientific explanation as to why this is happening. This is odd, especially because the two other players in the server have no MFE problems like I am having.


I have tried to figure it out using the following information (assuming my data and calculations are correct):


1 second = 20 MC ticks

1 Minecraft day (dusk+night+dawn) = 10 minutes = 10*60s = 600s*20 = 12000t

probability of rain = don't know

copper insulated cable EU/tick loss = around 1 EU/t

2xIns gold cable EU/tick loss = around 1 EU/t


Constantly on:

-rotary macerator at 7500 RPM -> 3 EU/t

-Induction furnace 100% heat -> 1 EU/t

-MFE: 128 EU/t output

-MV Solar Array: 64 EU/t output



Machines and cables: 128 EU/t + 3 EU/t + 1 EU/t + 1 EU/t + 1 EU/t  <-> 134 EU/t


Loss of EU per tick = 134 EU/t - 64 EU/t = 70 EU/t

Loss of EU per night (solar array not operating) = 70 EU/t * 12000t = 840K EU

134EU/64= I need 2.09 (3) MV solar arrays to keep this energy consumption up without losing energy.


Are my calculations incorrect? I don't know why my MFE is almost always nearly empty when I come and check it.

Do I need more MV solar arrays?


If anyone could explain this to me I would be thankful.


Thank you.

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Insulated Copper Cable loses 1 EU every 5 blocks. If you go less than 5 blocks you lose nothing.


2x Insulated Gold Cable loses 1 EU every 2.5 blocks. If you go 2 blocks or less you lose nothing.


Assume that it's going to rain at least 10% of the daytime on average so a MV array will give you something like 28 EU/t averaged out over time.


You say that you are losing 4 EU/t to machine sustainment so that leaves you with 24 EU/t. Just from the screen shots it looks like you might be losing a fair amount to cable loss, but you'd have to be using a lot to add up to 24 EU/t. That being said, it wouldn't take much use of the machines at all to eat up the slack there.

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