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Are Galacticraft aluminum wires safe to use? I've been hearing the horror stories and feel that a revamp of my power system may be in order. Am i running the risk of chunk corruption and all that other stuff while using these?

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They are safe to use, there is no issue with them, the issue comes into play with using it connected to thermal expansion stuff, where if theres more than a single connection, you will get infinite power and this type of bug causes the chunk corruption. I'm sure some googling regarding this issue on here would find you some more specific information about this bug (posted by Loader)

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That's fine, just be careful wherever those links are near TE stuff.  The GC stuff doesn't have a problem.  The issue occurs when you have wires near any thermalexpansion block - it doesn't have to appear to be connected, it can draw and supply power just the same as long as it's next to the block which is why you have to be careful.  Here's the simplest example I can make;



That's an energy cell on top of a steam engine, on top of an aqueous accumulator, with the little GC wires on the side.  The process goes like this;

  1. The steam engine generates power - power is passed through the top in the normal way, but the wire on the side also draws power (it does this simultaneously which is the start of the chain reaction).
  2. The wire on the side draws all of the power from the TE machine, then passes it in again (starting the exponential).  The engine passes as much as it can into the energy cell (it generates at 80RF/t, but can transfer power much faster).
  3. The wire increases power exponentially until it hits its maximum allowed transfer cap.
  4. Everything runs at maximum limits until they fill up all the outputs (energy cells, engines etc).
  5. The wire continues to generate power exponentially as it takes the power from the TE machine before putting it back in.  It'll eventually hit an impossible to record number so long as the generator is running (sometimes it can be self-sustaining but I haven't worked out why that is).  When the information is too large to be stored that doesn't stop it from trying to store it and that's what causes the corruption (it writes data in places it shouldn't be in the chunk file).

The output on the side of the energy cell and the top bit of wire was just me messing around to confirm some things, you can actually do this with just the one tiny bit of wire on the lower level and an input on the bottom of the cell.  Hopefully that shows you where the problem is?  Don't mix GC and TE outputs - TE stuff should have only one power output - that's how you can be safe (one wire on top would've been fine).

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