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Old Technic SSP World?

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Basically, I want to know if it is possible to take my old Technic ssp world and put it in Tekkit Classic, to take a look back on the old days. Is this even possible? Is my world still floating around in my hard drive? I know that mo creatures won't be there, but I don't mind. I had a nice house, and part of the reason I want my world back is to remember exactly how it looked. Anyway, any help appreciated, etc, etc.

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*WARNING*  Create a copy of the world before doing this!

Ok so go to your start menu (If you're on windows) and type in the search area %appdata%  then go to .technic and click on the mod pack you want to retrieve the world from.  If you need help finding the world go to the saves folder and you will find the world.  Take that world and drag it into the the saves folder of the mod pack you want.  Launch the mod pack and the world should be in your singleplayer world menu.



1. Back up your world! If you don't you could screw up your map and lose precious things.

2. Locate the world you want

3. Drag it into the saves folder of the modpack you want it in.

4. Launch the modpack and enjoy your world.

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You posted this on June first.

It is now June twenty-eighth.


You live in a strange world where that constitutes two months.


As for your complaint: Would you have been happy if the only responses you had gotten would have been the likes of: "I don't know."?

At the time, nobody who saw this knew the answer, and so they did not speak. It has nothing to do with courtesy.


On top of that, I'm sure this question has been asked several times already. If I could be arsed I'd be searching for those topics to show you. I can't be, however, since you couldn't be. Also, Namredn answered your question, and I sincerely hope it works for you.

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