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server of fury i would like more help

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the super gameing dimensions


so yeah plow man plow you helped me with my mod pack now its server time


to put topics in your replys do either of these post if you dont see it there it means im not changing


    t. rules        t.ideas           t.other worlds            t. similarities with blocklandia


    t. how to store exp           t. custom crafting recipies       t. ideas about the lets play


how about you go on popular pages and get people who can help huh please


note the lets play with not go on you tube only my cousins

Uhh, what does any of that even mean? I have no clue what you are trying to express with all of that.


I am willing to give you tips if you need on getting the server pack started, specifically related to which client only mods might need removed and how to start the server jar (Forge or Cauldron/MCPC+). That is the limit of what I do. I won't be contributing towards rules, comparisons with other packs, play styles, builds, etc. I'm here for technical assistance, not content development.

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  • Your client pack still has extra, unneeded files in the bin folder. Remove everything in the bin folder except modpack.jar.
  • The file "Damage-Indicators-Mod-1.6.4.zip" is a duplicate mod and a broken zip file.
  • The file "[1.6.4] Power Gems 0.2.5.zip" is a broken zip file.
  • You have mismatched mods. For instance: Your Buildcraft is 4.2.2 but your Additional Buildcraft Objects is for BC 4.1.0. This WILL cause problems.
  • Some of your mods are extremely out of date and have known problems. CodeChickenCore is a good example.
  • IDFix mod is intended to be used to fix ID conflicts and then removed. It should not be in your client modpack. It cannot be in a server pack.
  • You have a number of mods intended for 1.6.2 in your 1.6.4 pack. These all need to be updated or removed. (VillageMincer is one)

Your client pack has so many problems that you will never be able to get a server working with it. You need to remove or update all 1.6.2 mods in the pack. You need to check every mod in the pack to make sure you are using the correct versions that work with each other before proceeding.


My apologies for not understanding you if English is not your native language.

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? is there a way that you could fix it your self give me the shared link

that i can use that it takes forever to upload a mod pack to share and i got rid of everything besides

modpack.jar + open blocks and better furnaces i installed but they never showd up

so can you install thows there is not 2 damage indictors an you know what get rid of bc aditional

thow honestly i tohught ID fix had to be there to fix it every time its loaded

should 1.6.4 and 1.6.2 be compadible enough

i oh wait i didnt get a new code chicken core

i got the newest of power gems but damage indicators not so much

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Red Power hasn't been updated past Forge/MC 1.4.7. If you are talking about ProjectRed (the spiritual successor) it gets installed just like any other mod. Drop the jar files into your mods folder and use crash reports and the Forge Mod Loader client log to diagnose any problems which arise.

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thank you so much i love the project red mod it makes redstone much better and after its

installed that will be the last update and if after then theres no problems it will be time to

make the server


oh wait i just looked at it again recently now i know why it

seem like it needed to be installed a different way redpowers newest

version is 1.4.7 yeesh

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Before creating a server for an existing client modpack it is vitally important that:

  • If you are using Forge <=1.6.4 all ID conflicts for both items and blocks must be resolved. Most block ID conflicts will crash the client or produce an IDConflicts.txt file, but not always. Most item ID conflicts will not crash the client (at least not initially). Even if the client pack starts successfuly you need to search the ForgeModLoader-client-0.log when using a <=1.6.4 modpack for the word CONFLICT. Not all conflicts can be resolved (Mystcraft, many slabs, some Gravestone stuff) but most of them need to be addressed. Specifically focus on conflicts that list two completely different mods in the conflict.
  • The client must NOT have an automated ID fixer installed. All conflicts need to be resolved in the configs. It is safe to use IDFixMinus as long as it is removed after all the conflicts have been resolved.
  • The client modpack MUST have a full compliment of config files. These files get created the first time mods get injected into Forge. Even with modpacks for Forge >=1.7.2 the configs need to be included to ensure that they are synchronized between the client and server.

I recommend the use of Cauldron over basic Forge for running a server. Cauldron has Spigot built in along with other optimizations which make things run better (usually). Cauldron also integrates the Bukkit API so you can use Bukkit plugins if you choose. Cauldron is no longer available through legitimate means. If you are creating a new server for Forge <= 1.7.10 you will need to use vanilla Forge.

  • This guide assumes you are using Java 8. If you are building a server for 1.6.4 or 1.7.2 you will need Lexmanos' Legacy Java Fixer mod. If you are building a server for 1.7.10 you will need to use Forge #1230 or later.
  • Download the latest version of the Cauldron Forge installer for your version of MC: http://files.minecraftforge.net
  • Install Cauldron Forge to a new folder. We'll refer to that folder as SERVER.
  • Copy your config and mods folders from your client pack to SERVER. If you have other mods which require top level folders (like BetterDungeons or Flan for example) those must be copied over as well.
  • Remove any client-only mods from SERVERmods. These are mods which only operate on the client. Mods like Animated Player, ArmorStatusHUD, Damage Indicators, Minimap mods, NotEnoughKeys, etc. Basically if the mod only changes the way that things look in the game, but not saved into the world it is probably a client only mod. Most mod authors are kind enough to indicate when their mods are client-only. If you start the pack and are getting errors about "client" or "render" then you probably have a client-only mod in your pack.
  • Create a batch or script file to start your server. I won't get into the intricacies of fancy Java parameters here. This is a simple way to start your server:


@echo off

java -Xms2048m -Xmx2048m -jar forge-server-filename.jar nogui



java -Xms2048m -Xmx2048m -jar forge-server-filename.jar nogui
  • Adjust the -Xms and -Xmx parameters to suit your needs and client load.
  • Change "forge-server-filename.jar" to the actual filename for your Forge JAR.
  • If running on a Linux server I highly recommend the use of Linux screen. Google for detailed usage instructions.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Java 8 for your OS. I recommend using the JDK instead of the JRE because it comes with some debugging tools which can be useful in the even of crashes and hangs.
  • Make sure you have some kind of backup solution in place. Use a mod or some external solution, but use something lest you end up crying in your Wheaties.
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I have not "made it that complicated". That is a comprehensive explanation of the procedures involved in making a server. If you do not understand parts of the process there are many resources (myself included) which are available to guide you through. As my brother says to my nephews all the time, "can't" is a four letter word just like all the other ones you aren't allowed to say.

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ok you see the acually only 1 thing is something i can not

understand the "Adjust the -Xms and -Xmx parameters to suit your needs and client load. Adjust the PermSize to match the requirements of your pack's mods."


i have everything else done but i dont know what that is talking about so just tell me based on the mods

what i need to do with the "-Xms" and the "-Xmx

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After following all your instruction I continue to get an error about something to do with Java and I don't understand what is happening because I don't know exactly what it is trying to tell me, I don't think it is an error with a mod but I really don't know


here is the crash log file




I'm currently using Minecraft 1.6.4 and My modpack name is the "the journey of sombrero sam" it is currently listed so I may receive help but I do plan to make it unlisted.

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no no its ok he can put his problems on here to but im not helping i needed plowmanplow

to do this in the first place so welcome braiden89


(edit)  now ive checked the crash report and i dont understand most

of it but what i would like to know why does it say redeem at your local

majango for free hugs  :niggly::hf::obama:

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