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hey people,


i have been reading alot about those strongboxes, but I just can't seem to find out how they really work. and to me it even seems that a hardened strongbox has just the same room as a normal single chest.

some brief description about how to use them would be awesome :D.

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They work like chests. You put items in, and you can take them out again.

The useful thing about Strongboxes is their portability. You can shift-right-click them with a wrench (default: Crescent Hammer) to break them and pick them up with contents intact. The other advantage is that they are explosion-proof. No creeper can destroy your stuff when it is stored inside a strongbox.


For sheer storage, the chests from the Iron Chests mod (up to Diamond/Obsidian/Crystal) are more efficient. But only the Obsidian Chest shares the blast-proof quality with Strongboxes, and none of them can be transported when items are inside.


You can of course use regular Wooden Chests when starting fresh, but upgrading to Strongboxes is recommended once you have the Tin and Invar to spare. Strongboxes can also be upgraded when full, so you can e.g. go from regular to Hardened without having to empty them first.

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and it should also be mensioned that you can configure the access to your strongbox, so if you are playing on a server where it's allowed to take others stuff, this is a cheap way to protect yourself ;)


(also I couldn't find a difference between private and restricted access)

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