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  1. i tested some reactor(passive) setup with like 12 rods(3 high) and it still doesnt fill up the buffer. so i hardly doubt that a passively cooled reactor is suffient to power a laser drill(with 4 chargers) hooked up to redstone energy conduits.
  2. how does using a jetpack make it so that you can get shiny easily?
  3. hey there, wanting to join in if you got the room IGN: kvwerkhoven hope to cya soon
  4. i saw this great vid on making actively cooled reactors with turbines a 2 weeks ago.. can't seem to find it anymore . anyway: is going for a second AE reactor worth the trouble? or should i just go with upgrading mine into a active cooled one?
  5. ahh yeah, thing is... i'm not as far as them tesseracts yet haha. but i'll look into it . working with limited space though.. might have to take the reactor outside my base for this haha .
  6. hey there guys, i have been using my yellorium reactor now ever since begining on my world, but now that i have advanced into the redstone energy conduit part it seems like it that my reactor just can't hold up with the power drain(laser drill) how do you guys have your power setups for this mid to late game transfer phase?
  7. ahh thank you! altough i do have one question still: do multiple foci stack with each other so that 6 lime foci give you the 15.81x6(resulting in 94% chance) or this not the case?
  8. hey there, i have been looking all over but i just can't seem to find any sort of formula or explanation on how much a laser drill focus increases the chance to get that specicfic ore. anyone know anything that could help me with this?(spamming all my focus slots with emerald focus lenses seems rather stupid)
  9. i feel it is mandatory that the technic wiki on Mob Essence(M.E. for now) is incorrect(like most others) as you can not only gain M.E. from grinders/slaughters but also from sewers... much more so from sewers then grinders if i may say so myself. i do not know if this is a feature or a bug(altough i would be a very nice bug then) but i just wanted to let you guys know, specificaly the newer people who want to try out a auto-enchanter or auto-spawner. setup a breeding ground with grinder, chronotyper, breeder etc. and then put in a sewer block aswell. hook this up to a liquid router. use the ro
  10. so basically: get more pumps(let's say 5-6) or just fill the shit up? hmm.. might also go with just covering up the top layer haha . it's more like a body of water of 5 deep with a quarry underneath down to level 20 now. anyhow: thanks for the tip
  11. alright, so yes that works indeed. but problem is: i'm dealing with a massive body of water at the moment... is a BC pump able to drain it away? since they are all source blocks
  12. ahh thanks guys(and gals for all i could know ) btw: wouldn't that spill the liquid all over my place Curunir?
  13. hey guys, i've been wanting to clear some water and oil but i don't need either of those liquids. is there any way to get rid of it?(heard about some machine that could do this)
  14. just to be clear about it: DSU's can hold finite or infinite amounts of one item?
  15. ahh wonderfull . thanks for the fast reply, both of you . anyway: i don't plan on keeping the stuf in the tanks haha, they'll get used right away. thats why i figured it would be a problem. but using a router as Curunir said could be just the thing i need . and SirLappy, you are correct: there is still much to learn and much to build, altough i got the basics all covered now(and i understand how stuf works now haha) so the question frequency will go down from here on out haha. again: thanks for the help guys
  16. i hope anyone still reads this and is willing to help me with(i hope) a last single thingy here. now: i have expanded my farms abit to include a cow farm(fully automated including chrontyper) and a sewer to composter to fertilizer system. problem is: the sewer generates mob essence aswell and i don't really know for sure how to seperate the sewage from the essence so that my composter keeps working all the time. i suppose to put a bucket of sewage in the liquiduct with a servo would solve it, but then thing is: i don't know how to get that bucket of sewage from the machines. thanks in ad
  17. hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that the help i had from all of you the last week or so really helped alot. i now have some basic automated wheat and cow farms(altough space is still a problem haha) thanks again!
  18. hey people, i have been reading alot about those strongboxes, but I just can't seem to find out how they really work. and to me it even seems that a hardened strongbox has just the same room as a normal single chest. some brief description about how to use them would be awesome .
  19. little faq for part 2: when trying to put stuf into the machinist workbenc storage my game ctd's(tried this like 5 times before posting this) does anyone know of this problem?
  20. that yellorium reactor was the first thing i build this time so hahaha. but alright, will go down the road for the drill then. thanks!
  21. haha, yeah well. you know how to do all that stuf haha . i'm just stumbling around and figuring stuf out on the fly so those things probally won't be any time soon. speaking of getting resources rolling in by the ton: do you recommend going straight for laser drill instead of quarry?
  22. alright, that upgrades increase the working range i do wonder this: if a machine starts with a 3x3 work space, and i upgrade it once: wil it then have a space of like.... 4x4? or can you choose it manually?
  23. hey there guys, so i finally got around to playing technic again(latest stable build) and i have my basic resource production all set up and working(reactor, pulverizer, redstone furnace). now the thing is: there is soooooo much stuf to build and to do, i just don't know where to go from here on. trying to get some MFR systems up and running to automate my breeding/killing cow farm and i'm trying to figure out how the planter and harvester work. could anyone give me a short breakdown on how they work? and yes, i have looked at the wiki . my main question would be however: do i need to
  24. ahh alright, so i did read it correctly somewere else then. thanks!
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