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Tekkit loading - black screen, please help!


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Hi there, my son has been running Tekkit on Mac OSX and has been fine up til now, but yesterday when he tried it was running very slow, then loads of sheep appeared in the world he had created and now the whole screen just goes completely black and we have to force quit to get out of it.

Does anyone have any tips for fixing this?


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Sounds like a bug. I had a spawn bug way back with the BigDig modpack, where thousands of Chocobos would spawn, until the world went over some limit and collapsed.

I know no fix for this other than scrapping that world and starting over. Maybe MCEdit can help to fix it, but you need at least a clue what to edit out. If any additional mods were inserted over standard Tekkit, try removing those.

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I compiled an >unofficial FAQ that deals with the most common errors. If none of the methods suggested there helps you out, you can post your issue on our tracker - maybe you did find a bug that needs fixing. But please try the common suggestions first.


You may want to look first into the Java version you are using. The latest is Java 8 Update 5, but that is very new and not confirmed to run Tekkit well. I recommend using Java 7 Update 60, as this is the current standard. You can get it here. Make sure that no other Java runtimes are installed, as they can obstruct each other. At least on Windows.

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