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Post Your Darwin Creations

Bob Mc Bob

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I just found out theres this weird mod that has strange... well.... things spawn on beaches (glitch?). I was confused by all these odd-looking creatures walking about my resort (welcome to shea bob). 


Then I found out what they were.


Breed, breed, kill a weird deformed one, breed, breed.


Suddenly I have an army of (useless) monsters.



First off all, whats the use of darwin mobs?

Second, they're cool even as useless wheat-wasters, so post the abominations you've made on this thread! An a-hole came and killed my mutant army, so thats not seen here :(

Third, I'd like to call attention that (probably due to bop naughtily messing with vanilla biomes) these amazing freaks of nature only spawn on beaches.



Bob Mc Bob and Shea Bob, Bob Inc. take no responsibility for any disturbing, perverted, nightmarish, or painfully cute darwin mobs posted here.




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