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How to convert lan world to server


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Hello all,


I'm new to the community and have some questions. I love and hate (if you know what I mean) to play arround with modpacks and playing them with friends via lan. The way technic works is just amazing. real simple with launcher and all. But I still have some things I'm not happy with, with my current way of how we are playing.


Let me tell you how I have everything set up at the moment.


My friend(s) downloaded the launcher and modpack and they can play. When someone wants to play they have to ask me to start the lan world. I start up my game via the launcher and start the single player world and open it to lan. We use Hamachi to connect to each-other.

After that I have to look at what port the game is hosted on (displayed when opening to lan. example: 12345). Then I'm giving them my IPV4 adress from hamachi (example:

Then I have to combine these to let them join my lan game ie.


So far this always worked but it's troublesome because, every time my game is closed and hosted anew, my port number changes.


I thought of setting up my world in a server and maybe even a dedicated server. is this also done with the technic launcher?


Problem is I don't really know how.



Also is it possible to make that port number static? if so that would help me for now.


I very much would like to know both.

-How to change port number in lan worlds to static?

-How to set up a server with a custom technic modpack


Thx in advance!




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I think the dedicated Server can be downloaded from their webpage.


theres a configuration file that can be edited where you can configure your port...

however, isn't is so that if you use hamachi, you get a new ip every time the connection is made?


always a good idea is to port forward it in your router and use some kind of dynamic dns host to resolve your ip (this way your friends could save the adress ;))

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The current dedicated server is here. You will usually find the link to the current build in the pinned announcement post at the top of this forum section. It has no updater, so you need to manage version upgrades manually. Make sure your clients are set to use a fixed Tekkit version, too, if you cannot respond quickly to updates.


As for installation, you just unzip the server files, configure server.properties to what you want and move your save into a sub-directory right next to the server files. That directory name needs to be given as the world name in server.properties, so the server will use it when starting up. When there is no saved world or you gave the name of an empty or non-existing directory, the server will generate a new world during start-up. You start the server with launch.bat on Windows, or launch.sh on Unix (and Linux/MacOS). The server is controlled with the terminal you opened it in, so try entering "stop" <return> to quit.


I am no expert on Hamachi, but I guess when it works in your current solution, it should work with a dedicated server as well. The best way to host a Minecraft server on your connection is forwarding the server port and connecting via plain WAN (=Internet). Hamachi is primarily for VPN gaming, to enable games that don't support WAN connections, or don't work well with them.


P.S.: Regarding port numbers, the default Minecraft server port is 25565 and can also be changed in server.properties if required. It is static by default, so I'd be surprised if it became dynamic in your case. A dynamic port may be a side effect of using the (relatively new) "open singleplayer game to LAN" function, but I'm not sure about that. Just try and see how it comes out.

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if you use hamachi, all ppl should already be in the same network, so no need for upnp or port forwarding...

if the ip stays the same, your friends shouldn't have a problem joining your session.


Just make a dedicated server out of your world (download the server and copy your world over) edit server.properties in the root folder of the server and give your friends the port number of your server.

The server address should look something like


Your Hamachi Address:Port



Use a port number between 10000 and 65500 and make sure your windows firewall accepts incoming connections on that port.

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wow didn't think I would still get an answer haha. (didnt even see the post from curunir, sorry for not replying!)


Anyway thanks! I never fixed it yet so who knows. Curunir, you where right. to open my world I used the open to lan function so I agree when you see that the changing port could be because of that. 


I now know where to find the server files. I don't know when I have the time to put this to the test though. 

I think I can work it out now. If not, I will let you guys know!





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