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Updating 1.5.1 server to 1.6.4


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I found an old tekkit server that was running minecraft 1.5.1 and want to play on it, I'd normally go select the build the server was made for but I can't seem to find that so I need to update it. How do I do this? If I try to drop the world into the 1.2.9e server it gives me errors.

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There were substantial changes between Tekkit 1.1 and 1.2. You will need a converter tool, and even with that you still lose most of your installations on that server. Only worth the hassle if there are some great monuments made from non-mod blocks on that server, or it has great sentimental value.

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Dunno if it'll help, but.....



I was able to convert without -too- much pain.  Somewhere in these forums someone addressed this with some software called Midas or Midasgold which converts the item IDs from 1.1.8 to 1.2 with a definitions file (also linked in that post).  Most things translated ok.  However, all redstone cells converted were creative redstone cells.  I fixed this by changing the redstone ID to make a block of dirt to ensure the users on the server didn't have creative redstone cells.  One major thing you would need to do before the conversion is to delete the folder that holds dimension doors.  Odd things happened in the chunks that had dimension doors after the conversion if this wasn't done.  No real loss there.  I don't know if the moon would have been saved.  I deleted all dimensions except the overworld.  
If you can find the thread in these forums (possibly two months old) then you should be golden.  It will preserve the buildings and a fair amount of machine infrastructure.  There will be some remodelling and remachining to be done, but, hey, it's Mine Craft.  Go build it!   
Found the thread
About halfway down the first page Gigeran provided the conversion file I used.  You can google midas gold for the download.
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