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Disable Entities Floating in Water


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I've noticed that one of the mods is causing dropped items to float to the surface in water but this seems to be interfering with archimedes ships mod where you don't need any floater blocks to make a ship float (appears to be any non-player entity will automatically float).  Just browsed through the config files and can't seem to find which mod is causing this.  Anyone know which mod does this and if it can be disabled via config file?


NOTE: I did find the option for advanced physics for archimedes ships but I don't think this is what the problem is since none of my ships actually touch the water (exiting sometimes puts the bottom a block above the water)

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The archimedes setting is for the ships, they do a buggy displacement model (using archimedian math, funnily enough) for floating with archimedes ships - I'd turn that off as it's not close to working right and isn't even really finished.


The floating is caused by tropicraft, but I don't think there's a way to turn it off.. that's the place to look though.

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