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I need someone to test this bug out and see if it affects them.


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Confirmed, null reference in collection once the block is removed.  Caused by an efficiency improvement in codechicken multipart from what I could tell.


Here's what happens;

  1. Place the block, nothing happens.
  2. Place the torch and red alloy wire - they detect one another and are added into a blockmultipart array.
  3. Removing the block destroys both the redstone torch and red alloy wire simultaneously (effectively)
  4. The redstone torch tries to update the multipart system (the red alloy wire) to recalculate after its removal.
  5. The red alloy wire it's trying to reference isn't there anymore so this attempt causes a crash.
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Tracker report of this: http://forums.technicpack.net/tracker/issue-2621-red-alloy-wire-redstone-torch-pistons-instant-crash/


Can confirm as well now. My original setup wasnt identical and no issues were caused. What is happening is what Loader already mentioned. Not sure what we can do to fix this issue however, its a multipart issue, would have to be sent to them i believe about this bug.

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