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Free method of transportation. Minecarts! No Energy required!


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The minecarts are glitched right now so if you don't mind moving around your world slowly; make some wooden tracks (or normal iron rails) and build a minecart; and push forward! You don't need any kind of locomotion or energy! You can also push other carts too.


I already posted to the tracker but you could check it out for yourself. It is slow but you could move a cart with a chest or maybe two carts with a chest (haven't tested two) up inclines without having powered rails or burning fuel in minecarts with furnaces.

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Of course pigs!


Did you know you can feed a pig trail mix and it will fly? If you have a saddle you can fly on a pig.



I don't know about you but I have gone for long periods of times when I can't find a bat.


For example I wanted to role play that I was building a rocket in my barn and I use mine carts to haul my stuff up to the second story of my barn. I wanted to use the mine carts with chest and then burn sticks in mine carts with furnaces so they push my metal ingots upstairs where I can compress them to make parts.

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